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Golf and Real Estate Advice- The Good, the Bad as well as the Ugly of Golf Lessons – Part Two – The Bad

If you read Article One in this golf suggestions collection of 3 posts, you could remember that I was extolling the merits of golf lessons yet at the exact same time adding a warning that it is necessary to make sure in picking whom we leave our golf video game to. I also shared my […]

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Looking For London Real Estate? Read This First

How to get the best price for your London home This is such a popular question for me that I think I must address it right away. The question is, “what factors go into making a house sell for a better than average price” Brian Van Bart of Oliver and Associates Van Bart Real Estate Brokerage […]

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Someone must have taught you the power of pictures at some point when you were growing up, right? We both know that a picture is worth a thousand words. When selling your house, a picture could be worth thousands of dollars. You should use the online listing to impress the potential buyers from the first […]

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