Golf and Real Estate Advice- The Good, the Bad as well as the Ugly of Golf Lessons – Part Two – The Bad

If you read Article One in this golf suggestions collection of 3 posts, you could remember that I was extolling the merits of golf lessons yet at the exact same time adding a warning that it is necessary to make sure in picking whom we leave our golf video game to. I also shared my very own golf lesson experiences which I described as “Ugly” and also recommended a pointer for finding which grip is appropriate for you.

In this 2nd write-up of the collection, I share one more of my previous lessons which, whilst not hideous, was rather poor and also seeks to explain just what I indicate when I say that the sad fact is that some training pros drop short in their initiatives to assist us to play the very best golf we’re qualified of playing, instead showing their students in a way that commonly concentrates on attempting to obtain them to play golf that they’re not efficient in playing.

I should likewise duplicate that I am not looking for to criticize golf mentor pros usually, as many do a fine job, however, we do need to take care which we go to.

So, allow us to have a look at my bad lesson.

2. The Bad

If I remember correctly, this was in late 2001/early 2002 as well as is, as I said, an archetype of mentor students in a manner that usually concentrates on aiming to obtain them to play golf that they’re not efficient in playing.

I took myself and my brand-new set of irons to a professional suggested to me by the twenty-three-year-old kid of a good friend. I discussed that although my timbers were great, I ’d developed a slice with my irons and also after the preliminary inquiries and striking a couple of balls the Pro informed me that the cure stocked making a full 90 degrees turn and also keeping my left arm absolutely directly on top of the backswing, “Just like Tiger Woods”.

Currently, with the most effective will certainly in the world, I was literally incapable of fulfilling those particular needs and also by the end of the lesson, not only hadn’t my piece been healed, yet I would certainly pull a muscle mass in my arm that kept me out of the ready a couple of weeks.

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To add fuel to the fire (actually), the professional after that recommended I acquire and examine guide, “Tiger Woods – How I play Golf” prior to my following lesson with him.

Although I’ll admit to buying the book – and also very interesting it is also – my physical constraints were too much of an obstacle to me replicating much of exactly what Tiger describes in it. I’ll additionally say that Tiger’s epic ingenuity radiates within the title; i.e. “How I Play Golf” and also not, for instance, “How To Play Golf Like Me”.

By way of summarising this section, if you are looking for additional golf guidance by the method of having or considering having golf lessons, make sure you find a pro who could work with just what you are qualified of doing. My pal’s twenty-three-year-old kid may well have actually discovered it easy making a 90 level turn as well as maintain his left arm directly on top of the backswing, however, for this old-timer it was a bridge as well much!  For more updates visit

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