Someone must have taught you the power of pictures at some point when you were growing up, right? We both know that a picture is worth a thousand words. When selling your house, a picture could be worth thousands of dollars. You should use the online listing to impress the potential buyers from the first look. Buyers can admire or dislike your home depending on your listing photoshoot. That is why you should take your listing photo shoot very serious and organize it just as you would for a private showing or an open house. Even though you’re working with an excellent real estate agent, these the tips can help you make your home look best.

  • Don’t forget photos when listing your home.

Nowadays buyers get notifications whenever a new home that meets their specifications hits the market. It becomes frustrating for a buyer to get a notification with an address but lacking photos. You will be adding them an extra step of coming to find out. This is not the best way to start out with your future customer.

  • Clean, declutter, organize and remove

You should take time and prepare for your photo shoot. Do all the cleaning and organize your home to be in an impeccable state. Buyers are able to zoom in and out photos in the online listing and can notice everything. When potential buyers notice anything that doesn’t appeal or seems wrong about your home, they might think or have an impression that you are not a serious seller. Remember that the buyer is not your customer.

  • Don’t use Poor photos

Your home won’t be bought if your use images that are blurred, distorted or poorly lit. You should hire a professional photographer to help you take the photos. The professional will be able to take plenty and high-resolution photos from the best angles.

  • Avoid limiting the number of photos

In addition to giving any potential buyers the first impression, listing photos also help in orienting the buyer after the first or second showing. Having been through your home in person, they can now be able to relate the floor of the plan and how it flows. The plenty listing photos will help them to make connections and understand more.

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