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How to get the best price for your London home

This is such a popular question for me that I think I must address it right away. The question is, “what factors go into making a house sell for a better than average price”

Brian Van Bart of Oliver and Associates Van Bart Real Estate Brokerage comments “If I had a crystal ball would I be able to see every buyer’s real estate wishes? Would we all be able to unlock the secret every single time? Of course, there is no such ball but experience can be magical, read more to find out… or lose out.


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And here’s why we are the best real estate agents in London, Ontario — I will let you in on the factors which I and members of my team have learned over the last few decades of working in the real estate business.

Location, location, location seems to be the mantra in the real estate industry but is there more to it than that? Of course, there is – we know because of the bulk of the homes we’ve sold and helped buy in our brokerage. More than anything else, knowledge is important. Knowledge is powerful and the right application of it is crucial to pricing out a home properly.

Location doesn’t necessarily make a house sell better, the knowledge of the benefit of the location does help. What do you do when you are not in a “good” location? There is no right or wrong answer. It all boils down to what you know about the location.

Moving from a terrible location is usually the only quick fix but how do you do that? No one wants to live there. So you have to make a great first impression and wow them with some curb appeal.  How do you make that happen? It starts with the first contact with the buyer/seller. First impression lasts longer. The truth is, real estate is a “people” business. People move in and out of a house. People buy, people sell. That’s how it works. Create a good impression on your potential buyers and you’re good to go.

This is the very beginning. In my post,  I will discuss strategies on “staging your house for sale”. I promise this will be worthwhile.

In the mean time check out this amazing property just listed in London.

If you want us to speak on any issue pertaining to your house, simply respond to us here. Our lines are always open and you’re free to reach me here or connect with me on Social Media!

Speak soon.

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